Cars Come To A Halt As Dog Proudly Flaunts His Frozen Turkey In Middle Of Road

Jenny Jones was driving from Round Mountain when she was stopped in her tracks by a dog in the middle of the road in Conway, Arkansas.

The dog, who appeared to be a brown mixed breed, was standing next to a whole raw Thanksgiving turkey.

Kathy Wyrick/Facebook

Jones couldn’t help but laugh and quickly snapped a photo of the odd moment.

Her friend, Kathy Wyrick, posted the photo on Facebook with the caption:  “Anyone missing their frozen turkey? If so, this Conway dog proudly had it in the Round Mtn. area.”

The photo quickly went viral, as Facebook users joined in on the laughs.

Kathy Wyrick/Facebook

“He had stopped in the road and was proudly displaying his find,” Wyrick said. “He picked it up and moved on after the photo was taken.”

It looks like the dog was wearing a collar, so hopefully he found his way home after the photo was taken, along with his giant turkey, of course!

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